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Our fine selection of sturdy camp furniture is second to none for excellence and durability. Come check them out today and enjoy our free shipping!
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The chair is a vital piece of sturdy camp furniture. They can come in many different configurations such as having three legs or no backs or arms even and then would known as stools. Long legged chairs that leave your legs dangling are known by the name bar stools while chairs that have arms are called armchairs. Then there are those we are all familiar with that have a footrest section that folds up. I bet you can't name it, ha ha. Of course it's the recliner.

Chairs have always been used as a statement of power and stateliness throughout the centuries. Chairs have been found in Egyptian Pharoah's tombs such King Tut's. Of course many a king has sat on his chair called a throne.

Chairs and tables alike are made in sturdy camp furniture varieties. These almost always provide a way to be compactly folded up for storage and transport.

Sturdy camp furniture is always a great luxury when around the campfire enjoying the atmosphere of camaraderie with your fellow campers. You certainly don't want them sitting in the dirt. Many of our selections are of a very lightweight construction yet very strong through triangle bracing through their folding structures.

Take a good browse around through the distinctive selection and please pick up yours today and sit back and relax! If by chance you don't see something that you would like to see, then kindly drop us a line via our contact us page. We will be sure get it listed for you as soon as we can. Save this page and come back often since the inventory is ever being added to. Thank you for business.