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Durable Camping Utensils

Our wonderful set of durable camping utensils make cooking on the campsite a breeze. Browse below today and get free shipping!
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One of great items in the durable camping utensils category is the item called the Spork. This crafty items was invented by Samuel W. Francis who a novelist as well as a physician. This spoon with fork teeth combination has been with us for centuries although in its beginning it was both a form and a spoon melted together at the handle. Necessity is truly the mother of invention. Francis is credited with making a patent of the idea in 1874. Francis was constantly trying out new inventions designed to improve society's condition but much of them were much too outlandish to pass. the spork was of his less wild inventions. He had 12 patents of his own by the time of his death which included the Spork of course.

With advent of plastic, durable camping utensils of all kinds of combinations became readily available since they could easily be mass produced. Camping utensils have always tending to stay made of a sturdy metal design and usually where they could be folded up to take up less space in a backpack.

Here you find a great variety of durable camping utensils sure to be of use to you. The combination pack of spoon, fork and knife is especially ideal to have in your hiking pack. Make us a favorite and come see us again for all your camping needs.
We will be adding more to the selection very often as stock becomes available. If you need to contact us, please use the contact us page to find our email address. We look forward to serving you in any way we can. God bless.