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We have a great variety of different purpose camping knives and hatchets as well as saws and more. Great brands like Gerber, Buck, Ka-Bar plus others.
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What is the best knife to carry backpacking? This is a question that can be answered if you ask yourself what do you envision yourself needing to do with it while out on the trail. If you are one that wants to plan for every eventuality, then most likely you would need a bigger heavy duty style. Most of the time, what is needed from a knife is just to cut open food packs and maybe cut some paracord. Some may even want a knife that has a firestarter built in the handle.

Our camping knives and hatchets come in a lot of configurations and are from great quality brands that have become known for their great blades. We love the selection of hatchets that we offer. There is something empowering about about a sharp hatchet! You can even have some fun with your camping knives and hatchets we offer while at the campsite such as some target practice at that old tree stump! It's not that easy to always get the blade turning through the air and hitting the target blade first but with practice you can become fairly good most of the time, right?. You've probably seen competitions where lumberjacks will throw their axes to hit a log. It's the same concept.

The camping knives and hatchets we offer all have free shipping so you don't have to worry about seeing an extra charge added when purchasing. Chose one of the great products above and we are confident you will be pleased when it arrives. Why not bookmark our site to visit again? We are continually adding new items to the website weekly. If you don't find what you are looking for, please let us know. Our contact us page has the info you need to get with us.

Here at YourWayCamping.com, we strive to make good camping enthusiasts like you supplied with whatever you may need for your next camping and hiking trip. Enjoy the great outdoors and make those memories of a lifetime. Thanks for stopping by to check us out.