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We have a superior selection of the best sleeping bags. Child sizes can be found from Alps Mountaineering , Chinook, Proforce and more. Check em out!
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Our collection of the best sleeping bags have come a long way from their humble beginnings. As far back as the mid 1800's they were made sheepskin lines on the inside with wool. It was a simple bag that could be rolled up to carry on the shoulders.
In 1861 a new type was made as a blanket with a rubberized bottom and was tested in the Alpine mountains. The design was a bag with no zippers in that time period and proved quite a challenge to climb in and out of but it keep tester warm and dry.
In 1876 Pryce Pryce-Jones introduced what was called the Euklisia Rug. He constructed the bag from a wool blanket that he added sewn-in rubber inflatable pillow that could be stowed back into a small pocket. The blanket could be fastened together once you got in it for some great warmth.
He manufactured 60,000 of the rugs just for the Russian army and they proved invaluable in the Russo-Turkish War. When Plevna fell though the army canceled their order and 17000 of these rugs were never delivered. he never gave on on the enterprise though because later he offered the rugs in his catalog and sold it as cheap bedding material for charities to use as they helped the poor. The rug gained popularity and the British Army took them on.
This rug paved the way for our modern day best sleeping bags. Now sleeping bags can keep even an explorer in the antarctic feeling warm inside it. The materials inside our modern best sleeping bags has been developed through centuries of testing to get more density and warmth from thinner and lighter material than ever before leaving a very portable lightweight solution to campers and hikers worldwide.