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Here are the best camp lighting products. Trusted mantle lanterns as well as lithium battery models. Come check out today with free shipping!
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When you think of the best camp lighting I’m sure one brand will always come to mind if you camped when you were younger. It is Coleman. So here is a brief history of the Coleman lantern that paved the way for the many brands and models available today.

Mr. W.C. Coleman showed off his new gas light in a way almost like Tesla did at the New York’s world fair. He used a football game being held at Fairmont College in Wichita, Kansas. He lines both sides of the field with his new gas lamps. So the first night football game west of the Mississippi was held with great success. Fairmont College was able to whitewash the opposing team 24-0.

Much of our country was rural around the turn of the century and there was not electric power supplied to much of it. Therefore many folks had to call the workday finished when the sun went down. It was to this area that Coleman offered his best camp lighting portable lantern that become a huge success as virtually everyone was in need of it. After about five years, he made another model that had 300 candlepower that would shed light in all directions for about a hundred yards. This was very helpful for the farmer to see the corner of his barn from the house.

This new product helped to extend the work time that farmers and ranchers needed which in turn increased their productivity. The lantern became so popular that the U.S. government supplied almost 70,000 of them to our soldiers fighting in Europe during World War I.

Our best camp lighting products have carried on this great tradition of supplying needed light in very dark surroundings. the headband beams are a direct descendant of miners headgear. these are great when hiking into the night and you can’t hardly see that trail that may be traveling along a sheer cliff.

The best camp lighting is also essential for your safety when walking around the campsite. You don’t want to trip over brush and possibly injure yourself. Plus the adde light is a great deterrent to critters. Please choose yours above today to enjoy a safe outing.